Recording our life stories for eternity

Eternity Videos captures our stories and memories on camera to create a priceless digital record for the future. Whether it’s a simple video memoir or an emotive family documentary, Eternity Videos gives everyone the opportunity to tell their life story that can be passed on to generations to come.

The Story behind Eternity Videos

As a professional filmmaker, it was never my intention to simply record my parents for posterity; instead, I wanted to honour them in a unique way whilst they were still alive. A documentary would have been the perfect anniversary gift, but if you’ve watched the short video above, you will understand my heartbreak in delaying the editing. 

Mom would have been so proud of the film. I spent weeks faithfully crafting their story with music and photographs after she died. My father loved it. He sat with my sister and brother-in-law transfixed at the screen as Mom talked about her childhood, how they first met, the birth of her children, and her wry view on the afterlife. Yes, we laughed. 

We’ve all seen interviews of the rich and famous talking about the razzamatazz of a celebrity lifestyle, but to see the people we know and love taking the same centre stage, it was like Mom and Dad were ‘stars’ in their own right. Both my parents were delighted they had the opportunity to tell their story their way - something few of us will ever get the chance to do. 

It was for this reason I started Eternity Videos to give other people the chance to tell their own life story that will one day become a priceless digital record for the future.

Below is a short clip taken from their film, ‘An Interview with my Parents’. 

Family Life Story Documentary

Eternity Videos is a professional video production company based in the Midlands and operating across the UK

Eternity Videos is a professional family video production company based near Birmingham in the Midlands and operating across the UK.

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